Information: There is currently an interagency effort to advance safe and sustainable reuse in Minnesota. The Clean Water Fund Water Reuse project consists of a group of state agencies and other interested parties that are working towards clarifying the regulatory pathway for water reuse and evaluating resources needed for successful implementation of water reuse. Learn more about this Clean Water Fund project, sign up for project updates, and find the group's meeting schedule and opportunities for input at the project website.
Green Infrastructure: Stormwater and rainwater harvest and use systems can improve or maintain watershed hydrology, reduce pollutant loading to receiving waters, increase water conservation, reduce stress on existing infrastructure, and reduce energy consumption
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This picture shows a cistern located at Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
Cistern located at Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. Photo by MWMO Staff.
Check out this nice story about a rainwater harvest system at a coffee shop in St. Paul.

Rain water harvesting is the practice of collecting rain water from impermeable surfaces, such as rooftops, and storing for future use.


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