Stormwater filtration BMPs – selection considerations
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Stormwater BMP Illustration Cost Maintenance Requirements 3 Space needed Pretreatment 4 Habitat Quality 5
Dry swale or wet pool image dry swale

step pool schematic
Low to medium (depends on components) Simple‐Intensive Small Oil/Water Separator Sediment Basin (depending on watershed soil types, contributing drainage area, and potential for system fouling/plugging) Low
Wet pool Screen shot of the Watershed tab for Wet swale Low Simple Small Oil/Water Separator Low
Biofiltration Basin
Biofiltration 1 for credit page.jpg
Low $0.5‐$1.3 CF Simple‐Intensive Small to medium Needed Oil/Water Separator, Vegetated Filter, Sediment Basin, Water Quality Inlets Medium‐High
Permeable Pavement (with underdrain)
Permeable pavement icon.png
Medium 3‐10 CF Medium Small to medium No Pretreatment Required None
Tree Trench/Tree Box (with underdrain)
Tree trench icon.png

$1.80 ‐ $12.70 CF based on recommended soil volume

of 1,414 CF per tree
Intensive Small to large Needed Oil/Water Separator, Water Quality Inlets Medium
Media filter (sand filter)
schematic showing sand filter system
Low Simple-moderate Small Needed Oil/Water Separator, Vegetated Filter, Sediment Basin Low
Green roof green roof schematic High Moderate-intensive Small Low Medium

1 Maintenance requirements to be addressed and updated in future section
2 Pretreatment requirements to be revised as per updated section
3 Habitat quality refers to the possible diversity of plantings commonly installed with each BMP

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