Stormwater Program for Industrial Activity

The surest way to improve water quality in Minnesota is to better manage stormwater. Unmanaged stormwater can have devastating consequences on the quality of lakes, streams and rivers we enjoy. Stormwater often contains oil, chemicals, excess phosphorous, toxic metals, litter, and disease-causing organisms. In addition, stormwater frequently overwhelms streams and rivers, scours streambanks and river bottoms and hurts or eliminates fish and other aquatic organisms.

To better manage stormwater across the state, the MPCA administers the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act in addition to its own State Disposal System requirements. At the MPCA, the Stormwater Program includes three general stormwater permits: the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Permit, the Construction Stormwater Permit and the Industrial Stormwater Permit. Each program administers a general permit (and in some cases, individual permits) that incorporates federal and state requirements for Minnesota stormwater management.

Industrial stormwater multi-sector general permit

Access the 2015 Multi-Sector General Permit. NOTE: the effective date of this permit is April 5, 2015.

Industrial Stormwater multi-sector general permit electronic information access

Year 2 is over-what's next?

Youtube Video: Industrial Stormwater: How to Collect a Sheet Flow Sample

Youtube Video: Industrial Stormwater: How to Collect a Grab Sample

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