Summary of annual street sweeping costs for Minnesota case studies
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City Population Street sweeping costs per year Annual sweeping costs ($/curb mile) Sweeping fleet Sweeping schedule
Bloomington 89,298 $850,000 2485 3 mechanical broom sweepers; 1 regenerative air sweeper; replaced every 6 years Spring and fall for entire city; Monthly sweeping near Mall of America and near the airport
Fridley 30,313 $225,000 150 1 mechanical broom sweeper; 1 regenerative air sweeper; contractor for additional sweeping services Spring, fall, and 5-6 times throughout the year
Lakeville 72,135 $246,000 205 2 mechanical broom sweepers; 1 vacuum sweeper; replaced every 10 years Spring, fall, and after large storm events
Mankato 44,385 $400,000 ($250-300K for street sweeping; $150-$200K for leaf pickup) 34 3 mechanical broom sweepers; 3 leaf vacuums; replaced every 10-12 years All paved roads and alleys swept every 30 days during the non-frozen months and the downtown area is swept once a week
Rochester 121,465 $80,000 (does not include equipment and maintenance) 7 5 mechanical broom sweepers; 2 regenerative air sweepers City-wide sweeping once in the spring and 1-4 times in the fall. Central Business District is swept 4 times per week on non-freezing days. 60 miles per week swept in the non-Central Business District (two sweepers two nights a week)
Roseville 35,874 $46,000 for spring sweeping; significantly less for other times of the year NA NA 4-5 citywide sweepings per year focused on street debris buildup associated with spring thaw (March – April), fall leaf litter (October – November), and areas of the city that drain to sensitive water resources
St. Anthony Village 9007 NA NA 1 mechanical broom sweeper with water Every 3-5 weeks
St. Cloud 66,816 $338,253 38 3 mechanical broom sweepers; 2 regenerative air sweepers Spring, fall, and after summer storms

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