Summary of recommended installation methods
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Jurisdiction Guideline on lifts Guideline on compaction
Prince George’s County, (2007) 200 to 300 mm lifts Natural compaction with light watering
ARC TP10 (2003) 300 to 400 mm lifts Loose compaction by light tamping with backhoe bucket
North Shore City Council (2009) 300 mm lifts Natural compaction with wetting of soil
Melbourne (FAWB 2009b) Two lifts if depth is over 500 mm Light compaction; single pass with vibrating plate for small systems; single pass with roller for large systems
Seattle Public Utilities (2008) Loose lifts Compact to 85 to 90% of modified maximum dry density
California Stormwater (CASQA 2003) 460 mm or greater lifts Light compaction

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