PSH Operation Polluting Activity
Vehicle Operations
  • Improper disposal of fluids down shop and storm drains
  • Spilled fuel, leaks and drips from wrecked vehicles
  • Hosing of ourdoor work areas*Wash water from cleaning
  • Uncovered outdoor storage of liquids/oils/batteries spills
  • Pollutant wash-off from parking lot
Outdoor Materials
  • Spills at loading areas
  • Hosing/washing of loading areas into shop or storm drains
  • Wash-off of uncovered bulk materials and liquids stored outside, of particular concern in MN are road salt storage areas
  • Leaks and spills
Waste Management
  • Spills and leaks of liquids
  • Dumping into storm drains
  • Leaking dumpsters (Dumpster juice)
  • Wash-off of dumpster spillage
  • Accumulation of particulate deposits
  • Physical Plant Maintenance
  • Discharges from power washing and steam cleaning
  • Wash-off of fine particles from painting/sandblasting operations
  • Rinse water and wash water discharges during cleanup
  • Temporary outdoor storage
  • Runoff from degreasing and re-surfacing
  • Turf and Landscaping
  • Non-target irrigation
  • Runoff of nutrients and pesticides
  • Deposition and subsequent washoff of soil and organic matter on impervious surfaces
  • Improper rinsing of fertilizer/pesticide applicators
  • Unique PSH Operations (Pools, Golf Courses, Marinas, Construciton, Restaurants, Hobby Famrs)

    Varies but includes:

    • Discharge of chlorinated water from pools
    • Improper disposal of sewage and grease
    • Wash off of livestock manure
    • Soil erosion
    • Runooff of pesticides
    • Salt storage

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