Nearly every table in the website exists as an individual webpage. These tables have been embedded into appropriate places within pages of the website. On a page having a table, you will note in the table heading a sentence stating Link to this table. The word table table is a live link to the invidiual page containing the table.

This feature has two primary uses. First, users may access just the table rather than the accompanying text in the article containing the table. Second, this feature allows us to update the table on it's individual page and have all instances of that table updated throughout the website.

Users will also notice that most tables are sortable.


Several types of images exist throughout the Manual website, including photos, schematics, and graphs. As with tables, images exist as separate pages. Clicking on an image takes the user to the page containing the image. This page contains information about the history and useage of the image. This page may also contain additional information about the image or the topic the image is addressing. We have not utilized this feature much but will do so as time allows. For example, if an image shows results of a model run, additional information can be included with the image to describe the model process, model inputs, and/or model results. Clicking on the image from it's individual page will typically yield the highest resolution for that image.

Currently images have been included in categories called

  • photo;
  • schematic;
  • graph;
  • map; and
  • drawing.

We expect ofurther categorize these images as time allows. for example, we could create a category called Photos of infiltration BMPs and place all such photos into this category.

Downloadable files

The Manual contains links to many files. Permitted file types include png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, xls, mpp, pdf, ppt, tiff, bmp, docx, xlsx, pptx, ps, odt, ods, odp, odg, and dwg files. For example, the Manual contains the 2008 version of the Manual and issue papers (as pdf documents) and Cadd files (dwg files).

Test Pages

If you only want to test something, we have a Test Page. This is only used to test formatting and features. It will contain random information not related to stormwater or this project.

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