Temporary Sediment Control: Corrective Actions - check dams
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Item Corrective Action Required if Corrective Action
Ditch checks (see also sediment control logs)
  • Sediment control logs not properly trenched, staked, or both
  • Not stapled properly for blanket and sediment control log system
  • Water flows around the end rather than over the middle
  • Incorrect spacing of checks
  • No geotextile liner used for rock weeper system or rock checks
  • Wrong one installed for intended or plan application
  • Remove sediment control logs and provide trench, and angle stake as per detail
  • Add more staples as per detail
  • Extend length of log where end is higher than middle
  • Add more checks following spacing detail
  • Remove rock and add geotextile
  • Remove improper check and install as per plan or amendment
Sediment control logs
  • Not staked properly resulting in undermining or movement of logs
  • Log ends not overlapped when more than one is needed in a line
  • Install additional stakes
  • Reconfigure logs for overlap

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