Types of mulch products typically used on construction sites
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Mulch type Description Application Method
Straw, hay, or other grasses Wheat, oat, or pine straw; rolled or baled pasture grasses also used in some cases Hand scattering for small areas; chopper/blower used for larger areas, sometimes with co-applied tackifying agent to promote adhesion
Wood chips, bark, sawdust Waste product from sawmills and other timber harvest and processing operations Hand scattering or mechanized spreader
Rock Can include all classes of aggregate, riprap, and large stone; used for permanent erosion protection Placement by hand or equipment (e.g., track-hoe, skidder, front-end loader)
Hydraulically applied mulches Bonded fiber matrix products, including those manufactured with natural and/or synthetic fibers, cellulose, or other materials Spray application via high-pressure pumping from the mixing tank, through a hose and nozzle apparatus

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