Typical winter decommission and maintenance tasks for rainwater harvesting

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Component Typical decommissioning and winter maintenance tasks needed prior to spring startup 1
Source Area/Collection Surface
  • Clean residual de-icing material (sand, salt) from pavement prior to spring startup
Collection System
  • Drain and disconnect conveyances to prevent freeze/thaw damage
Storage System
  • Drain all water from above-ground outdoor storage tanks
  • Disconnect downspouts and/or pipe upstream of the tank to prevent rainwater/snowmelt from entering the tank during winter months
  • Disconnect electrical supply that controls equipment
  • Shut off makeup water supply to prevent water from entering the tank
Treatment System
  • Drain and disconnect any pre-storage treatment devices that should be decommissioned during the winter
  • Decommission treatment system components per manufacturer’s guidelines
Distribution System
  • Switch end use supply from harvested water to public water supply (if necessary)
  • Drain all water from pumps and conveyance to prevent freeze/thaw damage
  • Disconnect electrical supply to the pump and control equipment
  • Complete all recommended winter maintenance for pumps and controls
Overflow/Bypass Systems
  • Drain and disconnect to prevent freeze/thaw damage