BMP practice selection options for an ultra-urban site
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Practice Applicability Reason
Pollution Prevention & Public Education Pollution Prevention will be implemented during site maintenance.
Source Controls Additional maintenance for source controls is not intended for this site; this is not an applicable practice.
Infiltrators X Allows for total stormwater and pollutant capture and aesthetically pleasing for pedestrians.
Swales and Strips Not applicable for a highly urbanized city block.
Filters X Allows for reduction of stormwater volume and pollutant loads and easy diversion to other BMPs.
Constructed Basins Too large to meet space constraints.
Manufactured Devices Applicable, however more aesthetically pleasing options should be pursued first.
Storage, Harvesting and Reuse Applicable depending on available space and building function. However, stormwater storage for re-use is not necessary for this scenario.

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