Section 24 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) Modification


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) Modification. [Minn. R. 7090]


The Commissioner may require the permittee to modify the SWPPP as needed, in accordance with the procedures of Minn. R. 7001, and may consider the following factors:

a. discharges from the MS4 are impacting the quality of receiving waters;
b. more stringent requirements are necessary to comply with state or federal regulations; and
c. additional conditions are deemed necessary to comply with the goals and applicable requirements of the Clean Water Act and protect water quality [Minn. R. 7090]


Modifications that the permittee chooses to make to the SWPPP other than modifications authorized in item 24.4, must be approved by the Commissioner in accordance with the procedures of Minn. R. 7001. All requests must be in writing, setting forth schedules for compliance. The request must discuss alternative program modifications, assure compliance with requirements of the permit, and meet other applicable laws. [Minn. R. 7090]


The permittee may modify the SWPPP without prior approval of the Commissioner provided the Commissioner is notified of the modification in the annual report for the year the modification is made and the modification falls under one of the following categories:

a. a BMP is added, and none subtracted, from the SWPPP; or
b. a less effective BMP is replaced with a more effective BMP. The alternate BMP must address the same, or similar, concerns as the ineffective or failed BMP. [Minn. R. 7090]

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