Section 5 Permit Authorization


Permit Authorization. [Minn. R. 7001]


The applicant must submit a complete application in accordance with Sections 9 through 12 in order to obtain authorization to discharge stormwater from a small MS4 under the General Permit. [Minn. R. 7001]


The Commissioner reviews the General Permit application for completeness. After review, the Commissioner will do one of the following:

a. if an application is determined to be incomplete, the Commissioner will notify the applicant in writing, indicate why the application is incomplete, and request that the applicant resubmit the application; or
b. if an application is determined to be complete, the Commissioner will make a preliminary determination as to whether coverage under the General Permit should be issued or denied in accordance with Minn. R. 7001. [Minn. R. 7001]


The Commissioner provides a public notice with the opportunity for a hearing on the preliminary determination to issue coverage under the General Permit. [Minn. R. 7001]


Upon receipt of written notification of final approval of the application from the Commissioner, the applicant is authorized to discharge stormwater from the small MS4 under the terms and conditions of the General Permit. [Minn. R. 7001]

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