Above ground and below grade storage and settling - installation and maintenance recommendations
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Device Installation notes Frequency of inspections Maintenance checklist (link) Permitted on private land/ Maintenance agreement recommended Practices for minimizing sediment and trash buildup Practices for minimizing erosion Cost considerations (equipment needed and man hours)
Pretreatment row on underground storage/filtration no data At least every 6 months for first year of operation, then varies by location Periodically remove sediment by back-flushing water and vacuuming manhole sump [1] Vacuum truck
StormTech Isolator Row Installation instructions available here. At least every 6 months for first year of operation, then varies by location [2] Step by step maintenance procedures Clean-out when average depth of sediment exceeds 3 inches [3] Vacuum/JetVac combination vehicle [4]
Settling chamber/vault Remove sediment once depth reaches 6 inches or more [5]
Oil/water/grit separators After every major storm but at least once per month [6] Clean out at least twice per year [7]
Hydro Dry Screen Every 3-6 months during first year, then site specific [8] Maintenance and inspection checklist [9] Remove sediment once depth exceeds maximum clean-out depth [10] Vacuum truck
Suntree Nutrient Separating Baffle Box (NSBB) After each runoff event initially, then at least quarterly. Local and State regulation may require every 90 days [11] Inspection and maintenance checklist; [12] Vacuum out sediment chambers when sediment accumulation exceeds 50% storage volume [13] Vacuum truck
Manhole Baffle Box Frequently for first two years following installation, then site specific [14] Fully cleaned at least once per year [15] Vacuum truck; One half day; Average cost $450 [16]
Environment 21 StormPro At least quarterly until a more accurate schedule can be determined [17] Maintenance data sheet Sediment should be removed when sediment depth in first chamber is 50% of design sediment storage depth or at least once per year [18] Truck-mounted sewer and catch basin cleaner with vacuum pump [19]
BaySeparator by BaySaver At least every 6 months initially, then site specific [20] Maintenance instructions Cleaning recommended every 12-36 months or when 2 feet of sediment have accumulated [21] Vacuum truck [22]
Sump Manhole with SAFL Baffle 45 minute installation [23] Three times per year for first two years Sediment removed before it reaches the bottom of the SAFL baffle Vacuum truck [24]
Deep sump catch basin Four times per year and at the end of foliage and snow- removal seasons [25] Four times per year or when deposit depth is greater than ½ depth from bottom of invert to lowest pipe [26] Hood required Vacuum truck or clamshell bucket [27]
Forebay/pre-settling basin Hard floor (concrete or grouted stone) allows definition of bottom and ease of maintenance. Provide appropriate stabilized maintenance access for heavier equipment at no more than 2% cross slope and no more than 10% longitudinal slope Monthly [28] Four times per year or when sediment depth is >3 ft. A hard bottom such as concrete facilitates removal, during design ensure forebay is vehicle accessible [29]; [30] Forebay should be designed to withstand 2-yr and 10-yr velocities without scouring [31] Vacuum truck skid-loader, or backhoe

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