Information: The following people contributed to these updates. Note these represent the positions of these people at the time of the Stormwater Manual update and we do not update this information.


  • Jeremy Walgrave, P.E., CFM, LimnoTech
  • Craig Taylor, P.E., Project Engineer, LimnoTech
  • Derek Schlea, P.E., Project Engineer, LimnoTech
  • Doug Mensing, M.S., Project Scientist, Applied Ecological Services
  • Shawn Tracy, Project Scientist, HR Green Inc.
  • Bridget Osborn, Project Engineer, HR Green Inc.
  • Jackie Strait, Project Engineer, HR Green Inc.
  • Marisa Romme, Landscape Architect, HR Green Inc.
  • Chad Fruit, CAD Designer, HR Green Inc.
  • Andy Erickson, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Advisor, University of Minnesota
  • John Gulliver, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Advisor, University of Minnesota

Technical review team

  • Greg Wilson, P.E., Senior Water Resources Engineer
  • Pete Young, P.E., City of Prior Lake
  • Jamie Strandemo, Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Barb Loida, P.E., Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff

  • Haley Bauer, E.I.T.
  • David Fairbairn, Ph.D.
  • Mike Findorff, P.E.
  • Logan Quiggle, E.I.T.
  • Todd Smith, P.E.
  • Mike Trojan, Ph.D.

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