The following individuals contributed to updating the Stormwater Manual. Note these represent the positions of these people at the time of the Stormwater Manual update and we do not update this information.


  • Jeremy Walgrave, P.E., CFM, LimnoTech
  • Craig Taylor, P.E., Project Engineer, LimnoTech
  • Derek Schlea, P.E., Project Engineer, LimnoTech
  • Doug Mensing, M.S., Project Scientist, Applied Ecological Services
  • Shawn Tracy, Project Scientist, HR Green Inc.
  • Bridget Osborn, Project Engineer, HR Green Inc.
  • Jackie Strait, Project Engineer, HR Green Inc.
  • Marisa Romme, Landscape Architect, HR Green Inc.
  • Chad Fruit, CAD Designer, HR Green Inc.
  • Andy Erickson, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Advisor, University of Minnesota
  • John Gulliver, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Advisor, University of Minnesota

Technical review team

  • Greg Wilson, P.E., Senior Water Resources Engineer
  • Pete Young, P.E., City of Prior Lake
  • Jamie Strandemo, Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Barb Loida, P.E., Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff

  • Haley Bauer, E.I.T.
  • David Fairbairn, Ph.D.
  • Mike Findorff, P.E.
  • Logan Quiggle, E.I.T.
  • Todd Smith, P.E.
  • Mike Trojan, Ph.D., CPSS

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