The following people contributed to the material contained in the webpages comprising the green roofs section of the Manual. Note these represent the positions of these people at the time of the Stormwater Manual update and we do not update this information.

Kestrel Design Group and contract team

  • Nathalie Shanstrom (Kestrel Design Group)
  • Peter MacDonagh (Kestrel Design Group)
  • Marcy Bean (Kestrel Design Group)
  • Charlie Miller (Roofmeadow)
  • Ron Bowen (Prairie Restorations Inc.)

Technical support team

  • Karen Jensen (Metropolitan Council)
  • Angie Durhman (ADGreenroof)
  • John Erwin (University of Minnesota)
  • Julie Pint-Vigness (Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District)
  • Michael Krause (Green Infrastructure Foundation)
  • Richard Sutton (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff

  • Anne Gelbmann
  • Mike Findorff
  • Todd Smith

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