The information on pretreatment was updated in 2016. The following people contributed to these updates.

RESPEC Consulting and Services, and contract team

  • Andrew Erickson: Ph.D.., P.E.
  • John Gulliver: Ph.D., P.E.
  • Alan Leak: P.E., RESPEC
  • Paul Marston, CFM RESPEC
  • Lee Rosen: P.E., CFM, Project Manager for RESPEC
  • Scott Struck: Ph.D., P.E., Geosyntec
  • Katy Thompson, PE, CFM, Project Manager for RESPEC
  • Bruce Wilson: M.S., Senior Scientist, RESPEC

Technical support and review team

  • Ross Bintner: P.E., Environmental Engineer, City of Edina
  • Jesse Carlson, Water Resource Manager, City of Savage
  • Noah Czech: Stormwater Compliance Specialist, City of St. Cloud
  • Mike Isensee: CPESC, Administrator, Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization
  • Chris Kleist: Project Coordinator, City of Duluth
  • Forrest Kelley: Regulatory and Construction Program Manager, Capitol Region Watershed District
  • Jon Lennander: P.E., City of Fridley
  • Joe Mulcahy: Environmental Analyst, Environmental Services, Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities
  • Greg Wilson: P.E., Barr Engineering

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff

  • David Fairbairn: Ph.D.
  • Mike Findorff: P.E.
  • Anne Gelbmann
  • Todd Smith: P.E.
  • Mike Trojan: Ph.D.

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