Technical Support Team

  • Ross Bintner, P.E., City of Edina
  • Dan Curley, Public Works Superintendent, City of Shoreview
  • Steve Gurney, P.E., City of Bloomington
  • Ryan Johnson, City of Roseville
  • Paula Kalinosky, M.S., P.E., Emmons and Olivier Resources, Inc.
  • Joe Keding, Street Maintenance Supervisor, City of Shoreview
  • Mike Kinney, District Administrator, Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District
  • Randy Neprash, P.E., Stantec, Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition

University of Minnesota

  • Sarah E. Hobbie, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Rachel King, PhD, University of Minnesota (current institution: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)
  • Tessa Belo, BS, University of Minnesota (current institution: Washington State University)
  • Lawrence A. Baker, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Jacques C. Finlay, PhD, University of Minnesota


  • Aileen Molloy, Environmental Scientist, Tetra Tech
  • Jennifer Olson, PE, Tetra Tech
  • Hillary Yonce, Professional Hydrologist, Tetra Tech

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

  • David Fairbairn, PhD
  • Scott Fox, Hydrologist
  • Mike Trojan, PhD

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