Information: The following people contributed to these updates. Note these represent the positions of these people at the time of the Stormwater Manual update and we do not update this information.

Technical Support Team

  • Ross Bintner, P.E., City of Edina
  • Dan Curley, Public Works Superintendent, City of Shoreview
  • Steve Gurney, P.E., City of Bloomington
  • Ryan Johnson, City of Roseville
  • Paula Kalinosky, M.S., P.E., Emmons and Olivier Resources, Inc.
  • Joe Keding, Street Maintenance Supervisor, City of Shoreview
  • Mike Kinney, District Administrator, Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District
  • Randy Neprash, P.E., Stantec, Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition

University of Minnesota

  • Sarah E. Hobbie, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Rachel King, PhD, University of Minnesota (current institution: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)
  • Tessa Belo, BS, University of Minnesota (current institution: Washington State University)
  • Lawrence A. Baker, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Jacques C. Finlay, PhD, University of Minnesota


  • Aileen Molloy, Environmental Scientist, Tetra Tech
  • Jennifer Olson, PE, Tetra Tech
  • Hillary Yonce, Professional Hydrologist, Tetra Tech

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

  • David Fairbairn, PhD
  • Scott Fox, Hydrologist
  • Mike Trojan, PhD

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