The following individuals contributed to updating the Stormwater Manual. Note these represent the positions of these people at the time of the Stormwater Manual update and we do not update this information.

Barr Engineering

  • Greg Wilson: PE, Senior Water Resources Engineer
  • Matt Kumka: Landscape Architect
  • Michelle Kimble: PE, Civil Engineer
  • Heather Hlavaty: Water Resources Specialist
  • Kristin Alstadt: PE, Geotechnical Engineer
  • Patrick Brockamp: Water Resources Engineer
  • Brendan Dougherty: ENV SP, Landscape Ecologist
  • Fred Rozulmalski: RLA, Landscape Ecologist
  • Henry (Hal) Runke: PhD, Vice President, Limnologist
  • John Hanson: PE, Vice President, Senior Civil Engineer
  • Kurt Leuthold: LEED AP, PE, Vice President, Senior Civil Engineer
  • Josh Philips: Water Resources Engineer
  • Alexa LaQua: Geotechnical Engineer
  • Eric Novotny: PhD, Water Resources Specialist
  • Candice Kantor: PE, Water Resources Engineer

Technical support and review team

  • Lois Eberhart: Water Resources Administrator, City of Minneapolis
  • Jim Hafner: Stormwater Manager, City of Blaine
  • Mike Isensee: CPESC, Administrator, Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization Watershed Specialist, Washington Conservation District
  • Karen Jensen: Environmental Analyst, Environmental Services, Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities
  • Forrest Kelley: Regulatory and Construction Program Manager, Capitol Region Watershed District
  • Randy Neprash: PE, Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff

  • David Fairbairn, Ph.D.
  • Mike Findorff, P.E.
  • Anne Gelbmann
  • Logan Quiggle, E.I.T., Graduate Stormwater Engineer
  • Todd Smith, P.E.
  • Mike Trojan, Ph.D.

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