Apical shoot scoring system for apical shoot's architecture. (International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests, 2010)
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Score and class Definition Remark
Class 1: Exploratory phase Apical shoots and upper side buds form long shoots Flat, longitudinal expansive shoot development
Class 2: Intermediary Intermediary between class 1 and class 3
Class 3: Degeneration phase Only apical bud forms a long shoot. Shoots of side buds are stunted. Spear-shaped development of main shoots and reduced side shoot formation
Class 4: Intermediary Intermediary between class 3 and 5
Class 5: Stagnation phase Stunted long shoots Claw-like appearance because of pluriannual short shoot chains
Class 6: Intermediary Intermediary between class 5 and class 7
Class 7: Resignation phase Die-back of twigs of the topmost part of the crown or even the whole crown itself
Class 8: Regeneration phase Phase with obvious regeneration From worse phase to a better form on the same branch

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