This page provides information to help facilities determine if they need industrial stormwater permit coverage. Any facility that is engaged in a Narrative Activity or a Primary SIC Code, as listed within Appendix D of the Multi-Sector General Permit, or within the table below, needs to apply for permit coverage or certify for No Exposure.

aerial photo of municipal airport
municipal airport with fueling activities requiring permit coverage

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What's a Narrative Activity? These activities require permit coverage even if it's not the "primary" activity at a facility. Facilities with these activities are always required to obtain permit coverage:

Subsector Subsector description
A4 Timber products: discharges from wet decking storage areas
C1 Runoff from phosphate fertilizer manufacturing facilities that comes into contact with any raw materials, finished product, by-products, or waste products
D2 Discharges from production of asphalt emulsions areas
E3 Cement manufacturing facility, material storage runoff (note: this is not a concrete ready mix facility)
K1 Hazardous waste treatment/storage/disposal facility for discharges not subject to effluent limitations in 40 CFR pt. 445, subp. A (note: this is not a hazardous waste generator)
K2 Hazardous waste treatment/storage/disposal facility for discharges subject to effluent limitations in 40 CFR pt. 445, subp. A (note: this is not a hazardous waste generator)
L1 Municipal solid waste landfill areas closed in accordance with 40 CFR 258.60
L2 Open or closed non-hazardous waste landfill and land application site not discharging to surface water
L3 Landfill that discharges to surface waters stormwater that has directly contacted solid waste
O1 Coal fired and oil fired steam electric generating facility
O2 Nuclear, natural gas fired, and any other fuel source used for steam electric generation
O3 Runoff from coal storage piles at steam electric generating facility
S3 Existing and new primary airports with 1,000 or more annual jet departures that discharge wastewater associated with airfield pavement deicing that contains urea commingled with stormwater
T1 Treatment works with design flow of one million gallons per day or more or are required to have an approved pretreatment program under 40 CFR pt. 403

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