This table shows guidance on BMP suitability for different stormwater strategies.
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BMP group Rechargea Water qualitya Channel protectiona Peak dischargea Hot spot runoff
Bioretention Varies Yes Possibleb No Yes. Needs underdrain
Filtration - media No Yes No No Yes
Filtration - vegetative Variesc Yes Possibleb NoYes
Infiltration trench Yes Yes No No No
Infiltration basin Yes Yes Yes YesNo
Stormwater ponds Nod Yes Yes YesYes
Constructed wetlands Variesd Yes Yes YesYes. Needs pre-treatment
Supplemental BMPs Varies Nob Possibleb No Noe

aSee section on unified sizing criteria for more information
bCan be incorporated into the structural control in certain situations
cMay be provided by infiltration
dWhen impermeable liners are required or pool intercepts groundwater
eCan be included as part of the treatment train

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