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  • Images: This category contains photos, graphs, schematics, screen captures, and any other image.
    • Photos: Most photos in the stormwater wiki are of high quality. Click on any photo to get information about the photo or to enlarge the photo.
    • Schematics: A diagram, plan, or drawing to illustrate or represent something.
    • Graphs: A diagram showing the relation between variable quantities, typically of two variables, each measured along one of a pair of axes at right angles.
    • Illustrations: Typically these are screen or image captures that illustrate a concept.
    • General: This includes a wide variety of images that aren't related to specific content. Examples include photos of people and symbols.
  • Tables: Only tables existing on their own page (using html coding) can be placed into categories. Many pages contain tables created in Mediawiki and cannot be captured as separate tables.
  • Reference: Includes pages containing definitions, glossary, acronyms, literature references, or other similar information.
  • General information: Pages containing information not related to a specific topic.
  • Archives: Pages containing information that is generally out of date.

This page contains links to subcategories General information, References, Tables, Images, and Archives.

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