Concentrations of Zinc, Copper, and Lead in Roof Runoff Based on Roof Material Type
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Metal Roof Materials Runoff Concentration (mg/L)
Zinc New uncoated galvanized steel 0.5-10
Old uncoated galvanized steel 1-38
Coated galvanized steel 0.2-1
Uncoated galvanized aluminum 0.2-15
Coated galvanized aluminum 0.1-0.2
Other (aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, polyester, gravel) <0.002
Copper Uncoated copper 0.002-0.175
Uncoated galvanized steel <0.003
Clay tiles 0.003-4
New asphalt shingles 0.01-0.2
New cedar shakes 1.5-27
Aged/patinated copper 0.9-9.7
Lead Uncoated galvanized steel 0.001-2
Coated and uncoated galvanized steel <0.0001-0.006
Painted materials <0.002-0.6

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Copper data: Clark et al. (2008a); Gromaire-Mertz et al. (1999); Karlen et al. (2002); Wallinder et al. (2009); Zobrist et al. (2000)
Lead data: Clark et al. (2007); Davis and Burns (1999);Förster (1999); Gromaire-Mertz et al. (1999); Good (1993); Gumbs and Dierberg (1985); Mendez et al. (2011); Shriewer et al. (2008)

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