Construction Stormwater Permit Notice of Termination and Site Closeout Checklist.
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Final inspection and site closeout elements
  • Site is stabilized with vegetation
  • Drainage system is stable and functional
  • Temporary BMPs have been removed
  • Final housekeeping tasks are completed
Site stabilization closeout
  • No large patches or areas of bare soil or dead vegetation on site
  • At least 70 percent uniform vegetated cover is established in all areas
  • Slopes are stable, with no significant rills/ruts
  • Sodded areas are established and green, with no dead areas or slipping
  • No large bulges or loose areas visible in netting, blankets, or mats
Drainage system closeout
  • Stormwater pipes, ditches, etc. checked for conformance with design plans
  • Manholes, pipes, catch basins, headwalls, and concrete flumes checked for alignment, integrity, etc.
  • No significant sediment accumulations in pipes, ditches, and catch basins
  • Ditches/swales/channels are well-vegetated, rip-rapped, paved, or otherwise stabilized, with no large areas of bare soil or active erosion
Temporary BMP removal
  • Silt fencing, posts, and accumulated sediment
  • Non-degradable sediment barriers
  • Inlet protection devices (rock, rock bags, filter fabric, proprietary products)
  • Ditch checks (rock, rock bags, dams, etc.)
  • Temporary rock or other berms
  • Temporary sediment traps, accumulated sediment
  • Temporary sediment basins, accumulated sediment
  • Waste and other containers
  • Concrete washouts and any concrete waste
  • Stabilized construction exits
Good housekeeping closeout
  • Litter and trash pickup / cleanup over entire site
  • Removal of debris and waste piles
  • Removal of fuel tanks and other fueling/maintenance items/equipment
  • Removal of signs, barriers, flagging, etc.
  • Removal of construction phase supplies, materials, and stockpiles
  • Stabilization of material storage, staging, and other areas (vegetation, etc.)

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