Construction site BMPs and their function and control mechanisms
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BMP function BMP types Erosion prevention (EP) or sediment control (SC) mechanism
Planning Planning, sequencing, and scheduling Minimize bare area and exposure period (EP)
Preservation and protection designation
Land clearing planning and staging
Land grading planning and staging
Lot benching Lengthen flow path and reduce velocity of runoff (EP)
Borrow and stockpile area protection Prevent soil detachment and transport (EP)
Construction road stabilization
Trackout prevention
Temporary stream crossings Protect stabilized channel from erosion (EP)
Permanent stream crossings
Drainage management Temporary run-on diversions Protect bare areas from run-on flows (EP)
Temporary right-of-way diversions
Right-of-way diversions (water bars)
Temporary stream diversions Redirect flow away from work areas (EP)
Cofferdams and barriers
Ditch and channel protection Protect channel from erosive flows (EP)
Check dams Prevent downcutting, settle sediment (EP, SC)
Temporary slope drains Protect slope from erosive flows (EP)
Temporary outlet controls Protect outlet area from scour erosion (EP)
Sediment ponds Slow flows and settle out sediment (SC)
Sediment traps
Dewatering discharge management Filter and settle out sediment particles (SC)
Soil stabilization Surface roughening Increase infiltration, prevent soil transport (EP)
Soil binders Prevent soil detachment and transport (EP)
Topsoil application Increase infiltration, support vegetation (EP)
Soil fertility amendments Promote vegetative growth (EP)
Temporary seeding and stabilization Prevent soil detachment and transport (EP)
Permanent seeding
Landscape mulches
Hydraulic mulches and tackifiers
Erosion control blankets
Turf reinforcement mats
Slope protection
Sediment trapping Sediment fences Filter and settle out sediment particles (SC)
Fiber rolls/wattles/logs
Storm drain inlet protection
Flotation sediment curtains
Dust control Prevent soil detachment and transport (EP)
Sand and wind fences Filter and settle out dust particles (SC)

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