Cost components for filtration practices.
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Implementation Stage Primary Cost Components Basic Cost Estimate Other Considerations
Site Preparation Tree & plant protection Protection Cost ($/acre) x Affected Area (acre) Removal of existing structures, topsoil removal and stockpiling
Topsoil salvage Salvage cost ($/acre) x Affected Area (acre)
Clearing & grubbing Clearing Cost ($/acre) x Affected Area (acre)
Site Formation Excavation / grading X-ft Depth Excavation Cost ($/acre) x Area (acre) Soil & rock fill Hauling material material, tunneling
Hauling material offsite Excavation Cost x (% of Material to be hauled away)
Structural Components Under-drains Under-drain cost ($/lineal foot) x length of device Pipes, catchbasins, manholes, valves, vaults
Vault structure (for media filters) ($/structure)
Media (for media filters) Media cost ($/cubic yard) X filter volume (cubic yard)
Inlet structure (for vegetative filters ($/structure)
Outlet structure (for vegetative filters) ($/structure)
Site Restoration Filter strip Sod cost ($/square foot) x filter strip area Tree protection, soil amendments, seed bed preparation, trails
Soil preparation Topsoil or amendment cost ($/acre) x Area (acre)
Seeding Seeding Cost ($/acre) x Seeded Area (acre)
Planting / transplanting Planting Cost ($/acre) x Planted Area (acre)
Annual Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection Debris removal Removal Cost ($/acre) x Area (acre) x Frequency (2x / 1yr) Vegetation maintenance, cleaning of structures
Sediment removal Removal Cost ($/acre) x Area (acre) x Frequency (1x / 5yr)
Gate / valve operation Operation Cost ($) x Operation Frequency (2x / 1 yr)
Inspection Inspection Cost ($) x Inspection Frequency (6x / 1 yr)
Mowing (for some vegetative filters) Mowing Cost ($) x Mowing Frequency (4x / 1 yr)

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