PSH Operation Polluting Activity
Vehicle Operations
  • Improper disposal of fluids down shop and storm drains
  • Spilled fuel, leaks and drips from wrecked vehicles
  • Hosing of ourdoor work areas*Wash water from cleaning
  • Uncovered outdoor storage of liquids/oils/batteries spills
  • Pollutant wash-off from parking lot
Outdoor Materials
  • Spills at loading areas
  • Hosing/washing of loading areas into shop or storm drains
  • Wash-off of uncovered bulk materials and liquids stored outside, of particular concern in MN are road salt storage areas
  • Leaks and spills
Waste Management
  • Spills and leaks of liquids
  • Dumping into storm drains
  • Leaking dumpsters (Dumpster juice)
  • Wash-off of dumpster spillage
  • Accumulation of particulate deposits
Physical Plant Maintenance
  • Discharges from power washing and steam cleaning
  • Wash-off of fine particles from painting/sandblasting operations
  • Rinse water and wash water discharges during cleanup
  • Temporary outdoor storage
  • Runoff from degreasing and re-surfacing
Turf and Landscaping
  • Non-target irrigation
  • Runoff of nutrients and pesticides
  • Deposition and subsequent washoff of soil and organic matter on impervious surfaces
  • Improper rinsing of fertilizer/pesticide applicators
Unique PSH Operations (Pools, Golf Courses, Marinas, Construciton, Restaurants, Hobby Famrs)

Varies but includes:

  • Discharge of chlorinated water from pools
  • Improper disposal of sewage and grease
  • Wash off of livestock manure
  • Soil erosion
  • Runooff of pesticides
  • Salt storage
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BIORETENTION - Construction Inspection Checklist

Site Status:
Construction Sequence Satisfactory/ Unsatisfacroty Comments
1. Pre Construction
Pre Construction Meeting
Runoff diverted
Facility area cleared
Soil tested for permibility
Project benchmark near site
facility location staked out
Temporary erosion and sedimant protection properly installed
2. Excavation
lateral slopes completly level
Soils not compacted durring excavation
Longitudinal slopes within design range
Stockpile location not adjacent to excavation area and stablized with vegitation and/or silt fence
3. Structural Components
Stone diaphragm installed per plans
Outlets installed pre plans
Underdrain installed to grade
Pretreatment devices installed per plans
Soil bed composition and texture conforms to specifications
4. Vegitation
Construction Sequence
Complies with planting specs
Topsoil complies with specs in composition and placement
Soil properly stabilized for permanent erosion control
5. Final Inspection
Dimensions per plans
Pretreatment operational
Inlet/outlet operational
Soil/ filter bed permeability verified
Effective stand of vegetation stabilized
Construction generated sediments removed
Contributing watershed stabilized before flow is diverted to the practice
Actions to be taken:
Bioretention Construction Inspection Checklist

BIORETENTION - Operation and Maintenance Checklist

Site Status:
Maintenance Item Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Comments
1. Debris Cleanout (Monthly)
Contributing areas clean of litter and vegetative debris
No dumping of yard wastes into practice
Bioretention area clean of litter and vegetative debris
2. Vegetation (Monthly)
Plant height taller than design water depth
Fertilized per O&M plan
Plant composition according to O&M plan
Undesirable vegetation removed
Grass height less than 6 inches
No evidence of erosion
3. Check Dams/Energy Dissipators/Sumps (Annual, After Major Storms)
No evidence of sediment buildup
Sumps should not be more than 50% full of sediment
No evidence of erosion at downstream toe of drop structure
4. Dewatering (Monthly)
Dewaters between storms within 48 hours
No evidence of standing water
5. Sediment Deposition (Annual)
Pretreatment areas clean of sediments
Contributing drainage area stabilized and clear of erosion
Winter sand deposition evacuated every spring
6. Outlet/Overflow Spillway (Annual, After Major Storms)
Good condition, no need for repair
No evidence of erosion
No evidence of any blockages
7. Integrity of Filter Bed (Annual)
Filter bed has not been blocked or filled inappropriately
Actions to be taken:
Bioretention Operation, Maintenance and Management Inspection Checklist