A flow chart was developed to determine the appropriate performance goal or Flexible Treatment Option for a new development, redevelopment, or linear site. You may access a pdf version of the flow chart (File:Final MIDS Flow chart.pdf) or follow the flow chart through the sequence of questions using the Manual website.

If you would like a copy of the flowchart in Visio, so that you can edit it, please contact us.

Using the wiki version of the flow chart

The wiki version of the flow chart takes you through a series of questions and steps to ultimately arrive at a performance goal. The wiki version does not necessarily take you through each step shown in the pdf version of the flow chart. The structure of the wiki version differs from the pdf version of the flow chart. You can see the structure used for the wiki version at this link.

If you proceed through the flow chart using the wiki, we recommend you create a book to document the steps in the process.

  • On the left Toolbar, click Create a Book.
  • If you have created a book previously, that book may still be in memory. In this case, you will get a message asking if you want to use the previous book or start a new book.
  • Click on Start book creator
  • Click on Add this page to your book
  • Answer the question
  • Click on Add this page to your book
  • Answer the question
  • Continue adding the page to your book and then answering the question until you have completed the flow chart
  • Upon completing the flow chart, create a pdf document from your book and save it to your computer.

Note that you cannot control the formatting of the book you create within the wiki. You can export the book as a pdf document and edit the pdf document.

Flow chart links

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