Excerpt from Table 2575-4, Required Corrective Action
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Item Corrective Action Required if: Corrective Action
Turf Reinforcement Mat
  • Wrong TRM installed
  • Missing certificate of compliance
  • Missing anchoring devices
  • Insufficient anchoring devices
  • Missing head anchor embedment
  • Missing edge anchor embedment
  • Improper or insufficient overlap of adjoining mat units
  • Improper soil infill depth (about 1 inch)
  • Improper soil type
  • Improper hydraulic mulch RFM infill
  • Wrong rolled erosion control cover
  • Remove incorrect and replace with proper TRM
  • Cease operations and secure certificate. Else remove and replace
  • Install additional anchoring devices as per plan or Manufacturer
  • Install additional anchoring devices as per plan or Manufacturer
  • Entrench leading edge and anchor correctly
  • Entrench side edge and anchor correctly
  • Provide proper joints and overlaps
  • Apply additional screen topsoil or screed excess
  • Cease operations and contact OES
  • Apply additional hydraulic mulch Type RFM to manufacturer specification
  • Remove improper RECP and apply correct product

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