Filtration - system design information
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Device Drainage area Entrance/exit velocity Drain down/detention time Dimensions Materials Layout Recommendations (physical location, off-line placement) Soils
Pretreatment vegetated filter strip (VFS) < a few acres, max flow path 75-150 ft depending on perviousness, slope of drainage area <5% [1]; [2] <1 ft/s, flow should be sheet flow and unconcentrated [3] Maximum 72 hours [4] VFS width (parallel to sheet flow) = 25-100 ft depending on vegetation, slope and drainage area soil [5]; [6] Soil, grass [7] Residential lawns, parking lots, part of riparian buffer [8] Hydrologic Soil Groups A-D permitted, table for corresponding slopes [9]
Level-Spreader - Vegetative Filter Strip System (LS-VFS) < a few acres [10] <=10cfs [11] Maximum 72 hours [12] LS width (parallel to sheet flow) = 10-100 ft, VFS width >= 30-50 ft [13] Concrete, soil, grass [14] Distance from surface waters: LS and VFS must be outside riparian buffer, LS must be outside stormwater setbacks [15] VFS max slope = 8% [16]
Up-Flo Filter 0.66 acres impervious drainage area per filter module based on Nashville design storm [17] 0.056 cfs per filter module (max number of modules 6-54) [18] Round manhole: 4 ft diameter, 7.5 ft high Rectangular vaults: 6 ft x 8 ft x 6.5 ft to 15 ft x 13 ft x 6.5 ft Roads, carparks, commercial properties, airports, offline and online treatment of existing storm drains [19]
Storm Clean Filtration flow rates (nominal/max)= 40/80 gpm, Strainer flow rate >= 100 gpm [20] Filtration surface area (fabric elements) = 6.4 sq ft, Strainer surface area = 4.8 sq ft [21] Stainless steel [22] Can be fit into existing catch basin, curb inlet, drop inlet, or downspout [23]
Gravel filtration Same as inlet gravel bags are placed around Varies by need. For example, one version available comes in 11x48, 11x96, and 19x28 inch bags. [24] Bags are high quality woven polymer material with high UV rating, gravel [25] In front of or around existing catch basin inlets [26]
Filtration berm 1 cfs per 8 linear ft [27] Berm height = 12-18 inches high with 3:1 side slopes, every 100-300 feet depending on slope [28] Washed, well-graded gravel/rock ¾ to 3 inches in size with <5% fines [29] Right-of-ways, traffic areas, construction sites [30] No restriction
SiltSoxx R by Filtrexx Varies by application Varies by application Available in 5 in to 32 in diameter depending on application, up to 200 ft in length [31]; [32] Filtrexx Media in Filtrexx Mesh [33] Existing inlets, site perimeters, paved surfaces, compacted soils, exposed slopes [34] Compacted or susceptible to erosion
StormExx R by Filtrexx Same as catch basin 15-40 gpm [35] 15-gallon storage, fits any existing storm drain [36] Stainless steel or HDPE, EnviroSoxx filtering media cartridge [37] Existing inlet

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