General Pollutant Movement from a Snowpack
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General Pollutant Movement from a Snowpack 1.PNG
Early Middle Late X
High soluble content Remaining solubles, beginning of fine- to medium-solids High solids content
Low runoff volume, early infiltration Large runoff volume Large runoff volume (especially if rain-on-snow occurs), saturated soils
Initiated by chemical addition and/or solar radiation Largely driven by solar radiation, aided by salt Solar driven
Land Use Where Important
Low density High density High density
Residential/neighborhood Roads, parking lots Roads, highways
Open space Snow storage sites Commercial
BMP Focus
Infiltration Pre-treatment (settling) Pre-treatment (settling)
Dilution Volume control Filtration
Pollution prevention (salt, chemical application) Detention/settling Volume control
Retention Pollution prevention (surface sweeping)
Wetlands/vegetation (infiltration, biological and soil uptake) Detention/settling
Diffuse runoff paths Wetlands/vegetation (filtration, settling)

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