General WinSLAMM result QAQC list
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QA/QC review item Related WinSLAMM output
Confirm total watershed area is correct Output Summary → Total Area Modeled (ac)
Confirm area modeled in each land uses is correct Review land use summary table shown in the main model space window
Confirm source areas or applied SLUs are correct for each land use Review source area modeling assumptions for each land use
Confirm correct number of control devices modeled in drainage network and source areas Review control practice summary table shown in the main model space window
Confirm correct parameters modeled in control practices Review parameters applied in control practice parameter window for all modeled drainage area and source area control practices
Confirm land use, junction, and device routing Review routing in main model space window
Confirm precipitation event totals are correct Review precipitation dates and rainfall depth totals. Can be accessed through a number of output tabs including "Junction → Runoff Volume"
Compare source area outflow pollutant concentration to tabled values Output: Land Uses → Pollutants → Concentration (mg/L)
Compare TSS/TP removal rate to typical tabled values Calculate pollutant removal (%) as described here. Note: must have junction elements upstream and downstream of all control practices

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