This page contains an overview of code elements that can be used to style content within the wiki.

Basic Design Elements

'''Bold text''' Bold text

''Italic text'' Italic text

[[Link to internal page]] Link to internal page

[ Link to external site] Link to external site


Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment
Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment


To left align an image: <div class="floatleft">[[Image:example.png|Alt Tag]]</div>

To right align an image: <div class="floatright">[[Image:example.png|Alt Tag]]</div>

Using the floatleft or floatright classes on a div element wrapped around an image will provide padding on either the left side (for right aligned images) or right side (for left aligned images) and the bottom of the image. An image

HTML Tables

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading 5
Row 1-1 Row 1-2 Row 1-3 Row 1-4 Row 1-5
Row 2-1 Row 2-2 Row 2-3 Row 2-4 Row 2-5
Row 3-1 Row 3-2 Row 3-3 Row 3-4 Row 3-5

Bootstrap specific design elements

Alert Messages

Usage: {{alert|This is your message|alert-danger}}


Warning: This is an alert message! (alert-danger)
Caution: This is an alert message! (alert-warning)
Green Infrastructure: This is an alert message! (alert-success)
Information: This is an alert message! (alert-info)


Usage: {{tip|Something|This is the tooltip!}} or {{tip|[[A Link]]|This is the tooltip!}}



A Link


Usage: {{pop|This is a popover|Popover Title|Popover Content}}

Example: This is a popover