See a presentation on Multi-Year Performance Analysis of Six TCMA Iron-Enhanced Sand Filters (IESFs), given by Dr. David Fairbairn File:Fairbairn WRC 2020-10-19 (1).pdf
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photo of an iron ehanced sand filter basin
Iron enhanced sand filter basin, Maplewood, MN. Photo courtesy of Barr Engineering.

Iron-enhanced sand filters are filtration Best Management Practices (BMPs) that incorporate filtration media mixed with iron. The iron removes several dissolved constituents, including phosphate, from stormwater. Iron-enhanced sand filters may be particularly useful for achieving low phosphorus levels needed to improve nutrient impaired waters. Iron-enhanced sand filters could potentially include a wide range of filtration BMPs with the addition of iron; however, iron is not appropriate for all filtration practices due to the potential for iron loss or plugging in low oxygen or persistently inundated filtration practices.

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Iron enhanced sand filter