Information: This series of Issue Papers were prepared by the consultant team for Manual Sub-Committee issue identification and discussion purposes only. Neither the Manual Sub-Committee nor the Minnesota Stormwater Steering Committee approved the material within these Issue Papers. The papers are provided here as background material to help describe the process that the Manual Sub-Committee followed in developing Manual content. Any reference to recommendations reflects the consultant team recommendations, as guided by the Manual Sub-Committee, but does not imply either Sub-Committee or Steering Committee approval.

The issue papers can be accessed as pdf documents through the following links:

  1. File:Issue paper A - BMP list and selection matrix.pdf
  2. File:Issue paper B - precipitation frequency analysis and use.pdf
  3. File:Issue paper C - stormwater regulatory framework.pdf
  4. File:Issue paper D - unified sizing criteria for Minnesota.pdf
  5. File:Issue paper E - receiving water based stormwater criteria final.pdf
  6. File:Issue paper F - stormwater credits.pdf
  7. File:Issue paper G - cold climate considerations for surface water management.pdf
  8. File:Issue paper H - potential stormwater hotspots, pollution prevention, groundwater concerns.pdf
  9. File:Issue papers I and J - BMP fact sheets and engineering specifications Part 1.pdf
  10. File:Issue papers I and J - BMP fact sheets and engineering specifications Part 2.pdf
  11. File:Supplement to Issue paper C - overlaps and gaps.pdf

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