MIDS Calculator stormwater pond design level criteria related to pond volume
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MIDS Stormwater Pond Design Level1 Permanent Pool Volume (Vpp), ft3 Water Quality Volume (Vwq), ft3 Pollutant reduction (%)2
Design Level 1 ≥ 1,800 ft3 per acre of tributary area <= 1 inch from impervious area 60 34 62 0
Design Level 2 <= 1 inch from impervious area 84 50 84 8
Design Level 3 <= 1.5 inch from impervious area 90 60 90 23

1From MIDS Calculator documentation for stormwater ponds. Note: the table summarizes design-level criteria related to permanent pool volume and water quality volume. The complete list of criteria for each design level is summarized on the MIDS calculator website linked above.
2 TSS = total suspended solids; TP = total phosphorus; PP = particulate phosphorus; and DP = dissolved phosphorus. Pollutant reduction values cited assume no upstream treatment within tributary area to pond (i.e., untreated urban runoff).

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