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Videos demonstrating use of the Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) calculator are being developed. These videos will typically be short and focus on a specific aspect of the calculator. Videos that have been completed and converted to YouTube videos are shown in blue text. Click on the link to view the module.

  1. Overview of the calculator
  2. Setting up your project site
  3. Basis for calculations and changing defaults
  4. The Excel file behind the graphical user interface
  5. Bioretention
  6. Infiltration basin/trench and underground infiltration
  7. Swale (not including wet swale)
  8. Tree trench
  9. Sand filter and iron enhanced sand filter
  10. Permeable pavement
  11. Green roof
  12. Constructed ponds and constructed wetlands
  13. Harvest and use/re-use
  14. Disconnection BMP
  15. The Other BMP
  16. Routing BMPs in series
  17. Infiltration BMPs
  18. Filtration BMPs
  19. Non-volume control BMPs (pond, wetland, sand filter, wet swale)
  20. Multiple BMP exercises
  21. Interpreting results
  22. Using the calculator for large areas and lumping BMPs
  23. Available resources

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