MPCA municipal wastewater reuse water quality treatment limits (modified to only include irrigation-related uses)
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Types of Reuse Reuse permit limits Minimum Level of Treatment
  • Food crops where recycled water contacts the edible portion of the crop, including root crops
  • Irrigation of residential landscapes, parks, playgrounds, school yards, golf courses
  • 2.2 total coliform/100mL
  • 2 NTU daily average; 10 NTU daily maximum turbidity
Disinfected Tertiary – secondary, filtration, disinfection
  • Roadway Landscaping
  • Ornamental Nursery Stock and Sod Farms with Restricted Access
  • Pasture for animals producing milk for human consumption
23 total coliform/100mL Disinfected Secondary 23 – secondary, disinfection
Fodder, Fiber, and Seed Crops
  • Food Crops not for direct human consumption
  • Orchards and vineyards with no contact between edible portion
  • Non-food bearing trees, nursery stock and sod farms not irrigated less than 14 days before harvest
200 total coliform/100mL Disinfected Secondary 200 – secondary, disinfection (stabilized pond systems with 210 days of storage do not need a separate disinfection process)

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