Media filter system - construction inspection checklist.
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Site Status:
Construction Sequence Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Comments
1. Pre-Construction
Pre-construction meeting
Runoff diverted
Facility area cleared
Soil tested for permeability
Project benchmark near site
Facility location staked out
Temporary erosion and sediment protection properly installed
2. Excavation
Side slopes stable
Foundation cleared of debris
Excavation does not compact subsoil, if infiltration component of design
Stockpile location not adjacent to excavation area and stabilized with vegetation and/ or silt fence
3. Structural Components
Materials per specifications
Forms adequately sized
Concrete meets standards
Prefabricated joints sealed
Under-drains (size, materials) per specifications
4. Vegetation
Contributing area stabilized with vegetation and/or erosion blankets
Filter material per specification
Under-drains installed to grade
Flow diversion structure insalled per plans
Pre-treatment devices installed per plans
Level overflow weirs, multiple orifices, distribution slots
5. Final Inspection
Dimensions per plans
Surface completely level
Pre-treatment device operational
Structural components operational
Inlet/ outlet operationall
Contributing watershed stabilized before flow is diverted to the practice
Actions to be taken:

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