Municipal pollution prevention methods effective for controlling or reducing bacteria. (Source: modified from the Center for Watershed Protection).
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Practice Effectiveness Method Image1
Dumpster and Landfill Management High Ensure that contaminated material is contained to prevent solid and/or liquid waste from being washed into storm sewer systems or water bodies.
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Sanitary Sewer System Maintenance High Regularly inspect and flush sanitary pipes to ensure that there are no leaks in the system and that the system is properly functioning.
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Litter and Animal Waste Control High Mandate litter and pet waste cleanup within the community and control waste-generating wildlife, such as geese; provide waste containers for litter and pet waste in public areas.
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Public Educations Moderate Label storm drains to indicate that no dumping is allowed and institute pollution prevention programs to educate and implement needed community practices.
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Staff and Employee Educations Moderate Provide internal training for staff and provide direction to hired employees or volunteers regarding pollution prevention techniques to be used during work activites.
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