Plant materials for use in extensive green roof systems
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Botanical name Common Name height (inches)X Flower Colot USDA Zone Bloom Time
Arneria juniperifolia1 Spanish Thrift 2 inches Pink 2 June
Arneria maritima "Pride of Dusseldorf" Common Thrift 5 inches Pink 2 April - June
Aubrieta "Argenteo-variegata" Rock Cress 4 inches Purple 4 April - June
Carrpanula "Birch Hybrid" Bellflower 4 inches Blue 4 June - Sept
Sedum acre "Aureum" Gloden Stonecrop 3 inches Yellow 3 July - August
Sedum Album Murale 1 inch White 4
Sedum cyaneurn "Rose Carpet" 2 inches Pink
Sedum ewersii Pink Stonecrop 6 inches Rose-pink 3 Late summer
Sedum 'Jelly Bean' Jellybean Sedum 4 inches
Sedum kamtschaticum Russian Stonecrop 6 inches Yellow 3 June-July
Sedum linare 'Variegatum' 5 inches Yellow
Sedum lineare 'Golden Teardrop' 3 inches Yellow 4 May June
Sedum 'Mentha Requin False Artillery fern 2 inches 4
Sedum pirifolum 'Blue Spruce' 8 inches Yellow 3 May-June
Sedum reflexum 4 inches Yellow 4
Sedum spurium 'Fuldaglut' Dragon's Blood Sedum 6 inches Red 3 Fall
Sedum spurium 'Roseum' 6 inches Pink 3
Sedum spurium 'Tri-Color' 6 inches Pink 3
Sedum spurium 'White Form' 6 inches White 3
Sedum spurium 'Larinem Park' Shale Barrens 2 inches White 3 May-June
Sedum floriforium 'Weihenstephaner Gold' Yellow
Sedum 'Arthur Branch' 18 inches Red 4 August-Sept
Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Sparkle' Spider-web Hen & Chicks
Thyrmus Praecox "Coccineus' Red Creeping Thyme 1/2 Pink 2 July-August
Thymus praecox 'Pseudolarnuginosus' Wooly Thyme 1 inch Pink 2 July-August

Note: Invassive species - such as Sedum semankosurs, a native of china - shold be avoided on green roof applications. Daoperma, or ice plant, is also difficult to control on some roofs
1These require abotu 4 inches of soil.

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