Potential roles in green roof design.
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Actor Definition Potential roles
Client An individual or company (i.e. building owners, developers, consortiums, or government entities) that requests the service of professionals to create a green roof / green building. The owner is the ultimate authority on any project. Their participation in the design process can help to ensure green roof installation.
  • Determines scope and budget of project.
  • Defines project expectations.
  • Maintains the primary contractual relationship with both the prime design professional and general contractor.
  • Issues payment.
  • Inherits the completed project and on-going maintenance responsibilities.
Building architect An architect is a person licensed in the art of planning, designing and overseeing the construction of buildings. They are the designer of a scheme or plan.
  • Acts as prime professional and design team leader.
  • Responsible for the design of interface between the building, waterproofed roof, and the green roof (degree of systems integration).
  • Paper work associated with the green roof (e.g. grants, review of shop drawings, and permits).
  • Assumes primary liability for the design and structural integrity of the project.
  • Acts as Project Manager responsible for coordination of the design team.
  • Cost estimation.
  • Monitors construction compliance with plans and specifications.
  • Reviews Contractor proposals.
Landscape architect A landscape architect is a person licensed in the art of planning, designing and management of the built or natural environment. Landscape Architects are responsible for the design of the natural environment similar to the way architects are responsible for the design of a building or structure. Some landscape architects are skilled in the integration of building requirements and ecological and environmental design issues
  • Analysis of Site.
  • Designs green roof system components above roofing membrane
  • Paper work associated with the green roof (grants, review of shop drawings, permits, etc).
  • Prepares maintenance plan.
  • Cost Estimation.
  • Reviews Contractor proposals.
  • Tagging and inspecting vegetation.
  • Construction observation and administration
Structural engineer Structural engineers determine the loading requirements of a roof to resist live loads, forces such as snow, rainwater, rooftop equipment, green roofs, and maintenance crews, as well as dead loads, the basic roofing structure and materials.
  • Conducts Site Analysis to determine required structural loading capacity.
  • Reviews plans for material transportation to roof.
  • Reviews the distribution of material and equipment during construction.
  • Plans for reinforcement of roof.
  • Reviews plans for structural safety.
  • Reviews green roof plans to increase available loading.
Civil engineer Civil engineers work closely with architects and landscape architects to design and oversee site utilities including, storm drainage, sewer, electric, water, gas and communications supply.
  • Produces drainage and utility drawings.
  • Determines drainage capacity of roof.
  • Assesses impact on stormwater.
  • Supervises construction of site utilities.
  • Designs water conveyance system in accordance with local infrastructure/ regulation.
  • May conduct site analysis to reduce or eliminate internal drains.
Mechanical engineer Mechanical engineers design the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for a building.
  • Optimizes design of HVAC system.
  • Conducts energy modeling analysis to reduce HVAC requirements.
  • Drawings for drainage and water inside the building.
  • Creates drawings for the location and placement of penetrations and mechanical equipment on the roof deck.
  • Designs water distribution to irrigation system.
Electrical engineer Electrical engineers deal with electrical power transmission. Provides electricity needed on the green roof for irrigation as well as anything else that required electricity on the roof.
Roofing consultant An independent roofing professional who provides information pertaining to the roof membrane, waterproofing, and determines what system would be best suited to the roof.
  • Advises architect in selection and installation of a roofing system including waterproofing, insulation, flashing and parapet details, and works with engineers to optimize drainage of the green roof.
  • Evaluates suitability of existing waterproofing for green roof.
  • Determines the condition of the roof membrane and provides recommendations regarding roof repairs, in existing structures.
  • Determines potential areas of roof penetration.
  • Inspects roof installation on behalf of the architect for quality control.
  • Provides vital technical data (i.e. stormwater retention calculations and estimates, noise reduction estimates, and roofing details).
Cost estimator A cost estimator calculates how much the green roof will cost during construction and during a determined maintenance period.
  • For smaller projects, other members of the design team generally fulfill this role.
  • Provides technical information on the cost of construction (market prices, labor, materials, transportation, etc).
  • Conducts Life Cycle cost analysis.
  • Estimates operational costs.
Irrigation specialist Specialists retained to design irrigation. Design and construction observation of irrigation systems.
Regulatory bodies Public entities responsible for reviewing a project for compliance with local, state/provincial and federal codes and ordinances. Because green roof technology is new to the North American market, city officials may not be familiar with the systems requirements and considerations. When applying for a permit you may have to educate the reviewer about green roofs.
  • Review of proposed design to ensure that it meets municipal requirements.
  • Ensuring that installation is carried out in accordance with local standards and incentive program performance requirements (if available).
  • Issue permits.
  • Determines occupancy requirement for fire codes.
Green Roof Professional An individual who has achieved a specific knowledge level regarding green roof design, project management, installation and maintenance through a Green Roof Professional accreditation program. Individuals passing the accreditation program requirements is trained in the following areas and therefore has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of green roofs.
  • Green Roof Design & Installation
  • Green Roof Waterproofing & Drainage
  • Green Roof Plants & Growing Media

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