Primary cost components for stormwater wetlands
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Implementation stage Primary cost components Basic cost estimate Other considerations
Site preparation
Tree and plant protection Protection cost ($/acre) * affected area (acre)
Removal of existing structures, topsoil removal and stockpiling
Topsoil salvage Salvage cost ($/acre) * affected area (acre)
Clearing and grubbing Clearing cost ($/acre) * affected area
Site formation
Excavation and grading 4-foot depth excavation cost ($/acre) * area (acre) Soil and rock fill material, tunneling
Hauling material off-site Excavation cost * (% of material to be hauled away)
Structural components
Inlet structure ($/structure)
Pipes, catch basins, manholes, valves
Outlet structure ($/structure)
Site restoration
Soil preparation Soil cost ($/acre) * seeding/planting area (1 foot average depth per acre)
Tree protection, soil amendments, seedbed prepparation, trails
Seeding (or sodding) Seeding cost ($/acre) * seeded area (acre)
Planting/transplanting Planting cost ($/acre) * planted area (acre)
Annual operation, maintenance, and inspection
Debris removal Removal cost ($/acre) * area (acre) * frequency (2 per year)
Vegetation maintenance, cleaning of structures
Invasive plant removal Labor cost ($/hr) * time * frequency
Sediment removal Removal cost ($/acre) * area (acre) * frequency (1 per 5 years)
Erosion repair Repair cost ($/acre) * area affected
Gate/valve operation Operation cost ($) * operation frequency (2 per year)
Inspection Inspection cost ($) * inspection frequency (2 per year)
Mowing Mowing cost ($/acre) * mowing frequency (4 per year)

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