Information: Precipitation frequency information (Atlas 14) has been updated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We recommend using Atlas 14.

NOAA's Atlas 14, Volume 8 precipitation frequency information can be found on NOAA's precipitation frequency data server. Rainfall frequency maps from Technical Paper 40 have been moved to this page. Although we recommend going to the NOAA site for rainfall information, we've provided rainfall frequency plots for several locations in Minnesota. To see a comparison of Atlas 14 and TP-40, link here. For additional information on Atlas 14 and comparisons with TP-40, see the following pages.

To see information on frequency-volume relationships, see this page or Issue Paper B.

MSP airport Atlas 14 graphs
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Rochester airport Atlas 14 graphs
Rochester International Airport
Marshall Atlas 14 graphs
Morris Atlas 14 graphs
Crookston Atlas 14 graphs
International Falls Atlas 14 graphs
International Falls
Duluth Atlas 14 graphs
Grand Marais Atlas 14 graphs
Grand Marais
Brainerd Atlas 14 graphs
St. Cloud Atlas 14 graphs
St. Cloud

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