Recommendations for temporary stream diversion channel lining.
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Lining material Acceptable velocity range Upstream drainage area Design storm capacity
Erosion control blanket1 Up to 1.5 ft/sec Up to 1 sq. mi. 2-year, 24-hour
Turf reinforcement mat (non-vegetated)2 Up to 8.0 ft/sec Up to 1 sq. mi. 2-year, 24-hour
Geotextile (Type 1) Up to 11 ft/sec Up to 1 sq. mi. 2-year, 24-hour
Riprap with geotextile
Average 4” (3” – 6”) Up to 4 ft/sec Up to 5 sq. mi. 10-year, 24-hour
Average 8” (4” – 12”) Up to 6 ft/sec
Average 14” (5” – 18”) Up to 13 ft/sec
Plastic sheeting3 > 13 ft/sec Up to 2 sq. mi. 2-year, 24-hour

1 Only for use with intermittent, low flows. Vegetation should be established when using as a channel lining.
2 TRM with temporary seeding may be used when sufficient time is available for the diversion channel to vegetate. The acceptable velocity for vegetated TRMs should not exceed 16 ft/sec.
3 Do not use where woody and other heavy debris moves with flow. Use thicker sheeting for longer runs, or when used for more than six months.

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