Saturated hydraulic conductivity values used in long-term continuous simulation modeling analysis
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Hydrologic soil group Representative soil texture Saturated hydraulic conductivity (in/hr)
Compacted Average1 Loosened2
A sandy loam 0.50 0.90 2.20
B loam 0.15 0.205 0.24
C sandy clay loam 0.11 0.14 0.30
D silty clay N/A 0.06 N/A

1 The Ksat values termed “average” for the modeling analysis represent the mean Ksat values for each soil texture based on a national database of over 1,000 observed saturated hydraulic conductivities (Rawls, 1998).
2The Ksat values termed “compacted” and “loosened” for the modeling analysis represent the geometric mean Ksat values for soils within the national database developed by Rawls that have bulk densities higher and lower than the NRCS recommended value for the given soil texture class, respectively (Rawls, 1998).

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