Scoring system adopted by ICP forests to identify the part of the trees affected by symptoms and signs of biotic and abiotic origin. (International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests, 2010))
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Affected part Specification of affected part Code Location in crown Code
Leaves/needles Current needle year 11 Upper crown 1
Older needles 12 lower crown 2
Needles of all ages 13 Patches 3
Broadleaves (incl. evergreen spec.) 14 Total crown 4
Branches, shoots and buds Current year shoots 21 Upper crown 1
Twigs (diameter < 2 cm) 22 lower crown 2
Branches diameter 2 to < 10cm 23 Patches 3
Branches diameter >= 10cm 24 Total crown 4
varying size 25
Top leader shoot 26
Buds 27
Stem and collar Crown stem: main trunk or bole within the crown 31
Bole: trunk between the collar and the crown 32
Roots (exposed) and collar (<= 25cm height) 33
Whole trunk 34
Dead tree 04
No symptoms on any part of tree 00
No assessment 09

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