The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is your plan and guide to understanding and managing stormwater runoff. This page will tell you what needs to be in your SWPPP and to help you find resources/ideas to meet those requirements.

There are 13 general permit requirements of the SWPPP:

  1. Create, implement and maintain SWPPP.
  2. Update SWPPP before applying for permit coverage.
  3. Modify previous versions of SWPPPs before applying for permit coverage.
  4. Identify qualified personnel who are responsible for the implementation and management of the SWPPP.
  5. Include a section dedicated to mobile activities (if applicable).
  6. Include additional sector-specific SWPPP requirements from part VII of the permit.
  7. List personnel appropriately trained to conduct inspections.
  8. Include records of all inspections conducted.
  9. Include information pertaining to maintenance to Stormwater Control Measures.
  10. Document the elimination of unauthorized non-stormwater discharges.
  11. Include documentation of Spill Prevention and Response Plan.
  12. Include the Mercury Minimization Plan (if applicable).
  13. Include Employee Training Program information.

There are 7 specific SWPPP Requirements:

  1. Include information about compliance with Stormwater Control Measure requirements.
  2. Provide a facility description.
  3. Include facility map(s).
  4. Provide a facility assessment of activities and materials.
  5. Include modification requirements-review SWPPP annually and document modifications.
  6. Availability Requirements-make sure the SWPPP is available to the MPCA upon request.
  7. Reporting Requirements and Submittals-reflect conditions and changes in the annual report.

So make sure monthly visual inspections are documented within your SWPPP. You can use our handy Site Inspection Form to document your monthly inspections.

All inspections should be documented within the SWPPP and should contain the following:

  • Inspection date, time, and weather conditions
  • Inspector name
  • Inspection findings
  • A description of any necessary corrective actions and a schedule for corrective action completion

Guidance materials and resources

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