Stormwater pond assessment procedure

This photo shows a wet detention pond
Photo of a wet detention pond

Stormwater ponds are common treatment practices that have been installed in communities for years. The municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) General Permit requires permittees to develop procedures and a schedule to determining the total suspended solids (TSS) and total phosphorus (TP) treatment effectiveness of all municipally owned/operated stormwater ponds (MS4 General Permit Part III.D.6.d.). The schedule to assess ponds can extend beyond the current MS4 General Permit term. The schedule must be based on measurable goals and priorities that you have established for your community.

Stormwater pond sediment excavation and removal activities

Maintenance is required to keep the ponds operating as originally designed. Sometimes, the maintenance conducted involves sediment excavation and removal activities. MCM 6 f the The MS4 General Permit requires specific documentation of these activities.


Fact sheets and guidance documents

Example procedures

Documentation and tracking templates

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